Review: Top marks for Boston Pizza’s Pizza Taco

30 May


I sometimes get requests to try new fast-food concoctions, and who am I to deny readers? The latest in this cavalcade of artery-hardening goodies is the Pizza Taco from Boston Pizza. It just so happens that I love pizza, and I also love tacos, so how could I resist? Here’s the thing – this particular item is only available till June 1 so you’ll want to hustle if this review piques your interest.

I’ll admit to not having done my research on this one, which is why I was surprised to sit down and see not one but two Pizza Tacos on BP’s menu. There’s the Chipotle Chicken and Bacon Pizza Taco and the Pulled Pork Pizza Taco. I’m on a pulled pork kick of late, but I couldn’t help but gravitate toward the other option, mainly because it had more, more, MOAR! in its title.

Beyond the headline meats, the two are mostly the same, each filled with “fresh tomatoes, crunchy tortilla strips, lettuce, cilantro and red onions and drizzled with a creamy sweet chili sauce,” as per the menu.

Not being able to decide, I asked the waitress and she handily suggested the chicken-and-bacon option. My instincts were right.

The Pizza Taco – or is it Taco Pizza? – arrived post haste and looked quite pleasing. It was bigger than a regular taco, but smaller than a pizza, about the size of a calzone. A small wooden stake was driven through it to hold it together and a knife was tucked underneath. Like I would need it – if you need a knife and fork to eat a taco, it’s not a taco, is it?

Oh, the entree also comes with a side. I went with the Caesar salad because I thought, well, a salad is supposed to be healthy, right? Of course, there isn’t much healthy about a Caesar (fun fact: did you know it was invented in Mexico?), since it’s just lettuce and fattening dressing and cheese. All told, the side was skimpy and unfulfilling, but that’s not exactly what we’re here for, is it?

Back to the Pizza Taco. The lazy way to make one of these things would be to simply take a small pizza and then just kind of fold it, but that’s not what Boston Pizza has done. The filling ingredients are all independent of the crust itself, which makes it more like a taco than a pizza. Indeed, the crispy crust is really the only thing that makes it pizza-like. Either way, the picture above may not do it justice, but it certainly looked appealing. The soft blue-and-purple lighting in the restaurant didn’t hurt either.

So how’s it taste? A few bites in, I was pleasantly surprised. The chipotle chicken and the chili sauce combined to give it a sweet-spicy tang, while the crispy dough and tortilla strips gave it a tiny bit of crunch. And then of course there was the bacon, which makes almost everything (except sundaes) taster better. It was, dare I say, the perfect combination of tastes and textures and, at just the right size – not too big, not too small – it provided just the correct amount of that goodness, stopping short of where I might get tired of it.

I wolfed down the Pizza Taco and couldn’t remember enjoying one of these weird food concoctions as much. I should note, however, that I was really hungry so I might have been a little less discerning. They say you should never go grocery shopping – maybe I shouldn’t go food reviewing in the same circumstances.

Nevertheless, it’s too bad the taco will soon be disappearing, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see it eventually come back. At $9.99 it’s a good and tasty deal.

It looks like Boston Pizza is making room on the menu as a result of its rather ingenious “Pizza Game Changers” marketing campaign. Visitors to the website are being asked to vote on a variety of pizza-oriented innovations and the current leader – by a mile – is the multi-layered Pizza Cake. Have no fear: if this thing actually makes it to restaurants, I’ll be there to try it on day one.

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