Hey Tim Hortons, stop destroying your donuts

26 May

tim-donutsForget security agency spying, forget net neutrality. There’s a far more serious concern that needs immediate national attention: Tim Hortons is massacring our donuts.

As the image above so horrifically depicts, the chain is destroying its lovingly crafted pastries by putting them into bags than then strip off their delicious toppings. The result: if you order a Chocolate or Maple Dip, you’re likely to end up with a plain donut and a bag full of goo.

This has been going for some time, as InsideTimmies has previously reported. In a society where there are robots on Mars and neurally controlled artificial limbs, this is unacceptable. Surely we have the technology to keep our donuts intact.

In fact we do. As just one example, MIT researchers have come up with LiquiGlide, a coating for the inside of bottles that allows liquids such as ketchup to flow freely. If science can solve the problem of preventing ketchup from sticking to its container, surely Tim Hortons can find a solution to its donut problem.

I reached out to the company to see if it was working on it, but received no response. It’s time to take this battle to the streets. Rise up Canada – our donuts need you!

(Photo courtesy of InsideTimmies)

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One response to “Hey Tim Hortons, stop destroying your donuts

  1. Brett

    May 26, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Peter – this also drives me nuts. The solution however is much simpler than starting a revolution 🙂

    If they cover the donut with the piece of wax paper that they use to grab the donut, everything is OK. However, most of the Tim’s employees that serve me don’t do this and discard the wax paper after putting the donut in the bag. Perhaps this is a training issue? In any event the wax paper dispenser is normally sitting right by the cash, so I grab another one and slide it in the bag to cover the icing. Sadly this doesn’t work for drive-thru however..

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