The Web explained in plain English?

18 Nov

A funny thing happened while I was preparing for a panel discussion that I’m taking part in at the annual International Institute of Communications conference, taking place this Monday and Tuesday in Ottawa.

In looking at mobile data usage in data countries, I came across an intriguing coincidence. Here’s a quick chart of the seven heaviest data-using countries, as measured by Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index:


Notice any similarities? How about this one: five of the top seven countries are English-speaking.

For a while now, people have speculated as to why Canadians show up at the top of virtually every internet usage measure – whether it’s the data itself, or the services that comprise it, such as YouTube and Facebook.

There are probably many factors at play, but could the main one be as simple as language? With the majority of the interwebs in English, doesn’t it make sense that people in English-speaking countries make more use of it?

It’s a theory worth exploring further…

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One response to “The Web explained in plain English?

  1. Marc Venot

    November 18, 2013 at 2:24 am

    English is the lingua franca. German is loosing ground since in Switzerland the local idiom, Souab, is becoming the most used. French is suffering the same fate in its tropical islands at the hand of Créole.

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