McDonald’s finally gets vegetarian-friendly

26 Sep

veggie-wrapNever mind the question of how they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar, the real mystery that has plagued mankind for years is why doesn’t McDonald’s cater to vegetarians? Sure, the chain is known for burgers and yes, it has experimented with veggie versions of them, but why the borderline disdain for non-meat eaters?

Other fast-food restaurants, such as chief rival Burger King, have veggie burgers or other options for the five per cent or so of North Americans who don’t eat meat. The only choice at McDonald’s has typically been… well, fries. And those haven’t always been vegetarian either.

Lo and behold, the chain has finally added two main vegetarian entrees, at least here in Canada, with the Sante Fe and Mediterranean veggie wraps. Neither have any sort of meat in them – just vegetables – which means I can finally venture into a McDonald’s with the wife in tow.

We did just that the other day. She tried and very much enjoyed the Sante Fe wrap (I had a Big Mac), so much so that we went back again a week later and she tried the other option (again, I had a Big Mac). She also liked the Mediterranean, but preferred the Santa Fe for its spice and crunchiness.

The Santa Fe has corn, black beans, cheddar and Monterey Jack, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, crunchy  tortilla strips, chili lime glaze and a Southwest sauce, while the Mediterranean has garlic hummus, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, lettuce, onions and a feta sauce.

Of course, I can’t exactly write about new fast-food creations without actually trying them, so on the wife’s advice I went back and ordered the Sante Fe wrap. I also found it very tasty – McDonald’s particular brand of Southwest sauce has a little more zing than most others I’ve tried, and the tortilla strips do indeed add a nice element of crunch.

The wraps aren’t exactly health food – the Sante Fe boasts almost the same calorie and fat content as a Big Mac – but I’d certainly recommend them to non-meat eaters. Personally, I’m not sure how vegetarians do it; while the wrap was tasty, I felt just as hungry after eating it as before. I think I’ll stick with meat.

We can also now get back to wondering why the world’s biggest burger chain can’t come up with a proper, full-time veggie burger.

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