Samsung’s Politeski on Android, RIM and robots

22 Jan

One of the most interesting trends to watch at the Consumer Electronics Show over the past few years has been the development of Samsung from just another gadget maker into one of the industry’s biggest powerhouses. When I first went to CES six years ago, the South Korean company was pretty much on par with its peers.

Now, after emerging as a leader in televisions and the challenger to Apple in smartphones, Samsung is a veritable goliath at the show. Its press conferences are getting increasingly bigger, with lineups to match.

Last year, I chatted with James Politeski, president of Samsung Canada, about the company’s rise and efforts at the time. After a year in which the company’s Galaxy S3 surpassed the iPhone in sales, I interviewed him again to see what has changed.

It was an interesting interview in which we touched on the future of smart televisions – including Android’s encroachment there – the fate of Windows and BlackBerry, and even robot cars. Check it out:

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One response to “Samsung’s Politeski on Android, RIM and robots

  1. Infostack

    January 22, 2013 at 10:31 am

    I hope the smartphone evolves to a little connection cube or stick or square, whereby my laptop or tablet or glasses or “phone” or other wearables, sensors and accessories (each with their own processors) are connected to a 4G/5G/Wifi layer 1-2 connection to the net. Should be 10-20x faster, 90-99% cheaper (on a mbps flow and gbyte stock) basis. This would give the ultimately flexibility to the end user. Most importantly it would get rid of many battery headaches and provide for greater interoperability as the cube/stick can focus on connectivity and spectral agility/completeness. (I went to Europe recently and my Galaxy S3 (Verizon) couldn’t get connection, although a friend’s iPhone5 did). Will the drive towards no subsidization provide carriers the incentive to make this reality?

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