2012 blog in review: Roku, cable and copyright

02 Jan
Thanks for the traffic, Terry and Deaner!

Thanks for the traffic, Terry and Deaner!

Before we kick off 2013, there’s one more important piece of business to deal with in these parts from the year just ended: my most-read posts of 2012.

It seems like just yesterday that I started blogging, but in the blink of an eye it has become almost four years. I’ve done my best not to miss a day over that time, with only a handful of hiccups here and there (everybody gets sick once in a while, right?). Coming up with daily posts is tough, sometimes a chore, but ultimately rewarding, given that traffic continues to climb.

Over the holiday break, the nice folks at WordPress sent over some stats about this blog. I relish such statements because they tell me what people are interested in reading about, and they point out where I can make improvements.

With no further ado, here are the five most popular posts for 2012:

5. Cable internet prices reveal competitive reality (Aug. 10). This was a relatively short post, but it was based on a chart I put together comparing cable internet prices from service providers in the United States and Canada. Not surprisingly, Canadian providers didn’t compare too favourably.

4. The world’s worst throttler (officially): Rogers (Oct. 21, 2011). Amazingly, this post was published in 2011, which according to WordPress, means my “writing has staying power.” The piece looked at data from researchers using M-Labs that showed which internet providers slowed down customers’ connections the most. The headline pretty much said it all.

3. Make no mistake, Canada is a digital backwater (Mar. 5). It’s always good to see a post with a Terry-and-Deaner-from-Fubar picture do well. In this piece, I argued that the fact that Canadians use the internet heavily – as they do through sites such as YouTube and Facebook – should not be mistakenly construed as some sort of position of online or digital leadership. The reality couldn’t be any further from the truth.

2. Roku: An inexpensive internet fun box (Apr. 24). If any posts have staying power, I’ve found it’s reviews of products. I was surprised to see the steady stream of traffic flowing to this post all year from the various fora out there.

1. World without copyright? Prepare for mind blowing (Nov. 22). To be honest, I’m quite pleased this one turned out to be my most-read post of the year, since it was one where I mused about the possibility of a copyright-less world arising in the near future. For some time now, I’ve felt that copyright is the technological issue of our time; the traffic and thereby interest levels on such posts seems to prove that belief.

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    January 2, 2013 at 10:16 am

    You had me with this post at the photo of Deaner and Terry.

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