Look out Neil Peart: here comes the robot drummer

31 Aug

The world is quickly running out of things that robots can’t do. Add “playing drums to the Ramones” to that list.

As the video below shows, there’s now a robot that can play along to the Ramones’ classic Blitzkrieg Bop. While programmable drum machines have been able to do such things for ages, none of them have been able to do it with quite the panache of this robot. Did I mention it has four arms, a mohawk and rocks its head along to the beat?

As Metal Injection points out, such robots have the potential to perform their task even better than humans. With four arms, “death metal will get 200% more brutal.”

I have to admit, the video is neat at first but it quickly gets boring. Colour me unimpressed until someone builds a robot that can do Neil Peart’s drum solo from Tom Sawyer. It might need eight arms for that.

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