Finally, some Auto-Tune to sink your teeth into

22 Aug

Regular readers know of my absolute disdain for Auto-Tune, the technological filter applied to so much modern music that confers otherwise talentless individuals with the illusion of being able to sing. Similarly, I’m also pretty upfront about my love for fast food, horrible bacon sundaes and all.

On those rare occasions when someone is able to apply that latter love to the former, I can’t help but soften on my hatred for technologically enhanced vocals. The video below, is a case in point.

The original video was posted by YouTube user Daym Drops, who reviews fast food as a hobby (sounds familiar). It turns out his rant about how much he loves Five Guys Burgers (also sounds familiar) was remixed by the Gregory Brothers, the musical group perhaps most famous for creating Auto-Tune the News, and it’s now turned into a viral hit. It’s easy to see why:

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