More pieces of the sex robot unveiled

02 Aug

It seems like with each passing day, we’re getting closer to fully functional sex robots. The individual pieces are certainly falling into place.

Hooman Samani, a robotics professor in Singapore, has created another segment of that inevitable whole with a set of “robot lips” that can simulate the act of kissing. The “Kissenger” – a combination of “kiss” and “messengers” – is a pair of silicone lips affixed to a plastic head-like shape that can be connected to a computer via USB plug.

The idea is that couples separated by distance can look at each other via video chat and smooch at the same time. “It can be used between humans to improve their communication,” Samani says.

He’s apparently had offers to commercialize the invention – doubtlessly from porn companies – but Samani is going slowly because of the “ethical issues” that need to be resolved.

Meanwhile, over in Japan, a new restaurant has opened up that offers customers a robot cabaret dance. The top half of the robot dancers look like women while the bottoms resemble, er, Robotech mecha. For about $38, visitors get a drink and a show, with the robots controlled by real, bikini-clad women.

It’s good to know that the inevitable march toward sex robots is turning out to be really, really weird.

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