Gone fishing… er, tanning

20 Jan

I’m going to beg off on posting today, on account of currently being on a short vacation in Cuba. Alas, my trip will probably be too short to get a proper read on the state of technology in the country, which is too bad because – as some Cubans themselves call it – it is the “Island of the Disconnected.” See you all on Monday!


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  1. Torontoworker

    January 20, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Have a great vacation! I was in Cuba in November (been there dozens of times) and the state of the internet as far as speed is the same old same old (pretty close to dial up) – this despite the arrival of highspeed service from Castro’s buddy in Venezuela. Apparently the ‘new’ speed attained hasn’t translated to the population outside of high Government Ministers and friends of the Government as told to me by the locals.

    Of the equipment (PC’s) I saw, most at best are 01 to 06 vintage and running WIN 95 to XP. There are a few flat screen’s here and there but most monitors are tubes. There are a few laptop’s among the population – most reside with locals who have connections to tourists. The most up to date equipment is mainly in the foreign owned resorts. The real locals (who work outside resorts) have very little in the way of proper equipment or internet service and depend on the Government mostly for these services.

    The locals have their own intranet that has no outside connection to the internet and even the ‘tourist’ internet service found in resorts has some weird net nanny filters at work. The resort I was at recently had WiFi but you could only connect free for your phone and there was a large(ish) charge for internet Wifi. I couldn’t have cared less as I go to Cuba to get away from technology and to read old fashioned hard covers! (Whats a hard cover Daddy? Question from the Y 2020.)

    I found the Germans to be the most troubled by a lack of proper internet, Brit’s just complained about the lack of football scores and were txt’ing friends back home all the time! The Russian were to drunk to txt anyone…

    DVD’s are still popular and in fact the entertainment choice of most on the island with locals at resorts begging tourists who return to Cuba to bring them DVD’s as tip’s. (Quite the black market in burning DVD’s copies for sale by some resort staff to other locals)

    One thing that was cheap was sending txt’s from Cuba through CubaTel linking with my Koodo phone. I sent about 30 txt’s and my Koodo bill was about $14 dollars – not bad from a standpoint of a few years ago when it was horrendously over priced and before that – no cell coverage at all. Although I didn’t use my phone to call – the charge would have been 50c a minute. Not great but not bad considering other South American countries that have screwed me over to the tune of $3 per minute! (Not naming names Argentina…)


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