Ebook pricing: are publishers finally getting it?

16 Dec

I got a call the other day from some folks at my alma mater, the CBC, for a TV piece they were doing on ebook pricing. They had seen my post from a month back in which I complained about the rather steep price that the digital version of my book, Sex, Bombs and Burgers, was selling for.

As it stood, the ebook was going for about $22, which was not only more than the hardcover on either Amazon or Chapters/Kobo, but also probably one of the most expensive ebooks around. If there was a pricier one available, I hadn’t seen it.

The TV crew wanted to do an interview and I was ready to let ‘er rip, but before I did, I double-checked my listings. Much to my surprise, the price on Kobo had come down to $9.99. Like Amazon, I believe that’s the sweet spot on ebook pricing, so I was (and am) quite pleased.

I checked in with Penguin to see what had happened. It turns out the publisher has recently begun the process of repricing its ebooks to what is obviously a more realistic level. A quick perusal of Penguin Canada’s offerings shows most are now being sold for between $9.99 and $18.99.

The Sex, Bombs and Burgers ebook is also available for Kindle for slightly more, at $11.27, although I’m told a deal with Apple’s iBooks is still in the works. In the U.S., where the book comes out on Jan. 4, it is selling for $14.55.

Penguin is only one publisher and even though my ebook is now priced reasonably, there’s still some way to go for other authors. Still, it’s a step in the right direction and a sign that some publishers are finally getting ebook pricing right.

The CBC piece, by the way, is supposed to air some time Friday afternoon. I’ll link to it if it’s put online.

In the meantime, if you’ve been holding off on buying Sex, Bombs and Burgers, now you have no excuse – the price is good, and just in time for Christmas!

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