Turkey not the sole cause of comas

10 Oct

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, so happy turkey day to all the Canuck readers out there!

If, after gourging on turkey and all the associated goodies, you feel like falling into a coma, well, congratulations because you’re not alone. Don’t, however, blame it on the turkey.

While conventional wisdom has traditionally associated the intake of trypotophan, a natural chemical found in turkey meat, with the sleepiness often experienced after Thanksgiving dinner, that’s not necessarily the case. It’s not the turkey that causes fatigue, it’s the eating like a pig that does, according to Live Science.

All meat has tryptophan while cheddar cheese, gram for gram, actually has more. Turkey, however, “gets singled out for no other reason than being eaten during the biggest meal of the year,” says writer and author Christopher Wanjek. “The real culprits are all those carbohydrates from potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, bread and pie.”

So there you have: if you want to avoid falling asleep right after dinner, don’t eat quite so much. Otherwise, happy eating… and sweet dreams!

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  1. Chuck}

    October 21, 2011 at 7:19 am

    Well put Great. I do love the way you have presented this issue. Thanks.

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