Happy birthday Sex, Bombs and Burgers!

14 Mar

At some point over the past two weeks, while I was busy running my crazy technology predictions for the next 10 years, we passed the one-year anniversary of the release of Sex, Bombs and Burgers. That means we also passed the second-year anniversary of this blog, which actually started out over at Both have been more successful than I could have hoped, so thanks to everyone out there for making them so!

If you haven’t read the book yet, just a reminder that you will soon have another chance to do so. A smaller and cheaper format is coming out in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand in June, while the paperback version will be out in the United States and Canada in December. As a bonus, both will have new covers while the North American version will have a tiny bit of new content at the end.

And yes, Sex, Bombs and Burgers is also available as an e-book. Check your favourite e-book store as it should be there in most of them.

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