PowerPoint Karaoke in Toronto this week

09 Feb

If you’re in the Toronto area and you’re looking for something to do this weekend, let me recommend checking out PowerPoint Karaoke at the Gladstone Hotel on Friday. I know what you’re thinking… PowerPoint wha…???

The concept is actually quite simple. Imagine regular karaoke, where you get up on stage and sing along to words on a monitor. If you’re a regular karaoker (I just made that word up), you’ve probably played Russian Roulette karoake with your friends – that’s where you put in a song for your friend, but they don’t know what it is until they get up to sing it.

PowerPoint Karaoke is kinda like that, except people don’t get up to sing songs – they get up to do PowerPoint presentations. As with Russian Roulette karaoke, the presenter has no idea what they’re presenting until they hit the stage. Possible topics include, “Should you keep bees in your pants: An honest debate,” or “My sensational life as a Japanese tentacle porn star.” It’s one half improv comedy, one half mockery of the corporate world, which add up to what sounds like hilariousness.

Macleans magazine has a write-up on how it works and here’s a video example:

This week’s event is closing out Social Media Week, with proceeds going to The charity provides technology tools and training to Canadian charities to help them raise money online and through social media. To get tickets, head here.

And yup, yours truly will be among the presenters. I have no idea what the topic will be, so I’ll be gulping down a good deal of beer-flavoured inspiration before it begins.

Come on down – it should be fun, and it’s for a good cause.

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