The ultimate Father’s Day gift

17 Jun

Still looking for a good Father’s Day gift? Did you know that Sex, Bombs and Burgers is the perfect present for pops this weekend? It’s true – don’t just take my word for it, I can prove it!

Statistics show that at least nine out of 10 fathers are men, and that men love war, porn and fast food. Let’s start with the porn. According to Internet Filter Reviews, an overwhelming percentage of online porn is viewed by men – 72% of it, in fact. That should hardly come as a surprise. The largest consumers of internet porn, meanwhile, are the 35 to 49 age group. Put those two numbers together and there’s obviously a whole lot of dads out there watching naughty videos.

Moving over to fast food, a 2007 study of Canadian eating habits found that men aged 19 to 30 were the most likely to get food on the go (39% of respondents said they had done so on the day of the survey). Those aren’t exactly prime fatherhood years, but the study did state that men in general love their meat – about 25% exceeded the recommended 300 grams on a daily basis. Virtually no women did that.

Male interest in war is harder to scientifically gauge, so for that we turn to that repository of all things manly: In the website’s purely subjective ranking of the top 10 Oscar-winning “guy” movies, fully one half were about war or war-related: Braveheart (#9), Gladiator (#7), Platoon (#5), The Bridge on the River Kwai (#3) and Patton (#1). There you have it: AskMen has spoken.

So don’t just sit there. Get off your butt, head down to the bookstore (or Chapters and Amazon) and get a copy of the ultimate Father’s Day book now!

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